Get Digestive Comform With AloeCure!
AloeCure delivers relief within minutes to most people who suffer from bouts of heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, bloating & diarrhea.
Over 4 million bottles sold
Get Digestive Comfort with AloeCure!

If Your Bouts of Heartburn:
  • Keep you up at night
  • Keep you from eating the foods you love
  • Keep re-occurring

  • AloeCure will change your life!
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    How Does It Work?

    Nature’s Acid Neutralizer
    AloeCure delivers massive amounts of Aloe Vera’s miracle compound known for healing called polysaccharides. These coat your entire digestive system and start to protect and heal skin cells damaged by excess stomach acid, acid so strong it can melt an aluminum spoon in minutes.

    Instant Relief
    The high concentration of polysaccharides in AloeCure ensure that your digestive system is coated with the soothing relief of Aloe Vera within moments after taking it.

    Don’t Live Another Day with Heartburn!
    Heartburn and other digestive discomfort can lead to major health troubles if left untreated. Sleepless nights, weight gain, abdominal discomfort and even memory loss can develop without the important vitamins and minerals in AloeCure.

    Doctors From All Fields Endorse Aloe Vera

    “There is evidence supporting a wide range of benefits of drinking Aloe Vera– if it was a drug it would be hailed as a miracle drug! Aloe can boost immunity, reduce inflammation, treat diabetes, lower cholesterol, treat ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & colitis, kill cancer cells, treat heartburn, thin blood, lower blood pressure, etc.” - Dr. Randy S. B.

    “Aloe Vera can assist with digestion if ingested prior to a meal & can be used to prevent & treat constipation. Aloe Vera is reported to help some types of anemia. Some studies suggest that it may be helpful with weight loss & lowering blood glucose levels.” – Dr. Heidi A. F.

    “The combination of balancing stomach acidity and healing from the inside out is unique to Aloe Vera– no prescription or pill can replicate this effect. If that was not enough to impress you, Aloe Vera is also great for your liver and everyone should know a healthy liver is vital for weight loss.” - Dr. Bryce W.

    Citation: Medical Forum
    Prescription & OTC Anacids are Expensive & Dangerous,
    Even the US Food and Drug Administration Says So

    Read the US Food and Drug Administration warning about popular antacids including:


    Pevacid 24HR®






    Prilosec OTC®

    Zegrid OTC®




    Click here to read the FDA warning.

    Taking AloeCure Is Organic, Safe, and Effective

    AloeCure alleviates chronic heartburn within minutes. Simply drink 2oz AloeCure to soothe stomach acid and acid reflux pain.
    AloeCure works immediately to balance stomach acid. taken twice daily it heals from the inside out.
    AloeCure has no negative side effects. Many customers see a range of additional health benefits over time.

    Five Reasons You Need AloeCure Today

    1. Our Aloe Vera is 100% ORGANIC, safe and natural. there is no risk of harmful side effects from this pure, soothing formula.
    2. AloeCure is as EASY as it is effective. Just two 2 oz. doses of AloeCure twice daily will protect your delicate esophagus and stomach liningfrom excess stomach acid.
    3. AloeCure is AFFORDABLE. For less than $2 per day, you will experience complete relief of bouts of heartburn.
    4. AloeCure WORKS. A double blind study conducted over 30 days found that 100% of the participants experienced digestive improvement.
    5. AloeCure promotes a HEALTHY life. With over 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients occurring in Aloe Vera extract naturally, AloeCure offers many additional health benefits.

    The Benefits

    The AloeCure formula is simple and pure. It is up to 99.8% organic Aloe Vera. Lightly sweetened with stevia and honey for taste, it has zero calories, no added sugar, and no water added.
    Help Neutralize Stomach Acid
    Drug Free
    Relief From Heartburn Symptoms
    Better Sleep
    Stronger Hair and Nails
    Improved Blood Sugar Regulation
    Improved Oral Health
    Zero Calories Per Serving
    No Known Side Effects
    Digestive Improvement
    Easier Weight Management
    Clearer Skin
    Stronger Muscles
    Balanced Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation
    Relief from Acid Reflux Symptoms

    Each Month Thousands of New Customers Are Starting AloeCure For Relief

    “AloeCure works, and that’s why I recommend it to my patients.”
    - Dr. Liza Leal
    “I hate taking medications because of the nasty side affects–you never know what kind of reaction you’ll have! I tried AloeCure for 2-3 days and saw a difference right away. I am done with over the counter tablets now, AloeCure is all I take.”
    - Lois
    “Not only has it relieved my heartburn, but also the bloating I experience, (I think a side effect of the other OTC heartburn treatments I took), It has improved my overall digestion, I’m sleeping better and I feel more energetic as a result. Huge difference so far, I’m very pleased.”
    - Francesca
    “The heartburn relief was instant when I tried aloe cure. It was very soothing, like it was putting out the fire in my stomach.”
    - Woody

    The AloeCure Story

    We use only Aloe Barbadensis Miller, known as the best Aloe Vera species for healing.
    Farms have been in operation for over 12 years.
    Our pure and healthy aloe leaves have passed all tests conducted by national departments and laboratories. The nutritional components in our aloe exceed all national and international standards.
    Organic certification through ECOCERT® (France).
    Consistent with the requirements of our organic certification, we do not use any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We only use natural fertilizers and mulch.
    We have over 3 million aloe plants and counting.
    We process the aloe in organically certified facilities within hours after harvest to assure the bio-activity in AloeCure is as good as the plant from which it is taken.

    AloeCure is USA Based and FDA Registered

    Don’t be drawn in by cheaper versions of Aloe Vera extract–AloeCure is the ONLY brand that uses the pure inner leaf juice, NOT the whole leaf. Additionally, AloeCure is registered with Health Food GMP, HACCP Food Safety Management System, ISO 22000 Quality Management System Certification, and ECOCERT SA Organic Operation Certification.

    No other brand of Aloe Vera Extract compares with the quality of the Aloe Vera harvested, purity of the extract and adherence to international Aloe Vera processing standards.


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